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Generate professional LinkedIn headline

Highlight your LinkedIn profile with an impactful headline.

Your headline is the most important part of this social network. It is an element that accompanies your profile everywhere, informs what you do, how you can help your target audience and what value you provide.

1. Answer the questions

So that our artificial intelligence knows more about you and can create your headline.

2. Copy the headline

Copy the text generated by our AI with the help of your answers.

3. Paste it on your LinkedIn profile

Paste the text in the part corresponding to the headline of your LinkedIn profile.

Create your LinkedIn headline

Why is the LinkedIn headline the most important thing on your profile?

Your headline accompanies you in every interaction you generate, from comments to the LinkedIn discovery section.
The headline informs not only what you do, but how you can help your target audience and the value you bring as a professional to LinkedIn.
The headline is the first element that LinkedIn takes into account when searching for recruiters, buyers, investors or users in general.
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