Create your biography on LinkedIn with our artificial intelligence.

Discover how to make an effective LinkedIn description, which helps you increase visits to your profile just by filling out the “about” section with a personalized description, powered by our AI.

Generate personalized LinkedIn biography

Update your LinkedIn profile starting with your “about me”.

Your bio is essential and sometimes it can be difficult to know how to create an original LinkedIn description to make a good first impression, summarize your experience, and attract professional opportunities.

1. Answer the questions

So that our artificial intelligence knows more about you

2.Copy the description

Copy what our AI has generated with the help of your answers.

3. Paste it on your LinkedIn profile

Paste the description on your LinkedIn profile in the “about” section or biography of your profile.

Generate personalized LinkedIn biography

Why is the LinkedIn description important?

The “about me” is the first impression you make; a complete profile can immediately create a positive, professional impression.
LinkedIn uses your biography as a search tool. A complete biography makes you more visible.
It helps you to generate employment, business and recruitment opportunities in an organic way.

Boost your personal brand and find your own voice.

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